30 Oct

I’m so in love with plaid right now. Never have I loved it as much as I do now with the exception of my freshman year in high school when grunge rock was the new black and lumberjack, over-sized, flannel plaid was the outward expression of said new black.  What I love about plaid now is the delicate take on what started as pattern that was indicative of function, utility and axe-carrying-outdoor gigantic men named Bill who hold logs on their shoulders. Not anymore.

GreenBlackCheck Anthropologie

Green and black checks thwart the notion that checks are for picnic table cloths. Fun because it's a babydoll shape but pretty because of the high-seam and cargo-style fold-up sleeves.

Purple Plaid Tunic URBN

Here is a pretty purple cinch-waisted tunic that's flattering with skinny pants or even sleek bootcut black trousers. Create a contrasting look by layering on tons of fake pearls (I'm talking 5 or 6 extra long strands) and slip on simple ballet flats or even low-top Chuck Ts.

Plaid Dress FCUK

Take a forever-stylish shirt dress and add some plaid. Black tights and heeled mary janes. Sport the dress over cropped leggings and ankle boots. Or save for the first spring day and wear bare-legged!

ToyG Coat Yoox

Top it off with a plaid coat. People shy away from patterns in outwear but I say, patterns are our friends. The only thing that shows is part of your legs which are typically of solid color or fabric. If you wear wild tights, just don't wear this coat. Otherwise, the soft purple and warm golden colors make this an easily versatile piece to own.

PlasticIsland Revolve

I have a current obsession with all things Scottish and this fits the bill. A classic pencil skirt with a fold town flap at the waist adds interest, covers the tummy, hits the high-mark on the high-waist trend, and I just love it. Is that enough?


One Response to “P-P-P-P-Plaid”

  1. mdashing October 31, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    LOVE THAT DRESS! Feeling inspired…

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