Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.

8 Aug

We’re into the dog days of NY summer right now and I can’t live without flip flops. I wear them to the beach and to run errands. I wear them in the shower at the gym and down to do my laundry. I wear them at my summer share house. I wear them in the apartment when I am doing chores. I wear them; oh, do I wear them.

My favorite brand of casual flips are Havaianas.

They come in countless colors and designs, stay on your feet, the rubber doesn’t give you blisters, and the straps are remarkably slender making them sweetly elegant. The best part is how affordable they are with some of the prettiest ones being under $25. Below are some of my favorites.

But before I get to my faves, I have flip flop etiquette to share.

In NYC, women often wear them to commute to and from work (saving our soles from sore feet caused by long days in our various strappy numbers, up and down subways steps and over sewer grates).  But please, please, take them off when you get to work. They are not professional and they do make that horrific noise with each step.  If you must wear flip flops, buy leather or jeweled versions that are more upscale and just as comfy.

And now, my picks… (I haven’t linked all the images because you can simply go to Havaianas site and be dazzled by all of the choices yourself.  I do and I am.)


Havaianas 2

havaianas 3

HavsHavs 4


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