“The Shopping Creed”-Rules to Shop By

25 Jul

I have recently (well, not so recently actually) been finding that I am addicted to online sample sales. The daily new crop of brands that go on sale at 11 am or 12 pm ET. The countdown clock that suggests urgency – miss out on it now and never see it again.  The pretty pictures with up-close zoom features showing you every button, buckle, grommet, crease, stitch and suppleness of fabric. And of course, the original price slashed only to show the 40-50-75% off discount.

Well, needless to say, the economy sucks.  And I need to be responsible. With a 50/50 chance of the garment working and only being able to return things for credit (meaning, no refunds, ever), I decided to put a stop to my obsessive online shopping. I discussed this with a good friend (an equally obsessive sample sale troller) and she drafted The Shopping Creed – a list of guidelines that we must both follow in order to purchase (or not purchase) a garment from online sample sales. And here, I share it with you.

You CAN’T buy it if:

  • You have it already in some way, shape or form
  • You can only wear it to an imaginary event (“What if a friend gets married in Greece? I have to have this!”)
  • It’s being sold for less than 60% off
  • It’s a T-shirt over $30 (with shipping)
  • You’re not sure it’s going to fit
  • You’re being daring and it’s not normally something you wear (more than likely you won’t wear it)
  • It’s a pair of Jeans (they never fit)
  • It’s final sale and non-returnable

You CAN buy it if:

  • YOU LOVE IT and have been waiting for it to go on sale
  • You can definitely resell it on ebay (must snag images of it from the sale)
  • You DO have a friend getting married in Greece and it’s the only thing that makes sense
  • It’s more than 70% off
  • You will wear it ’til it’s dying day
  • It’s a staple item that your closet needs
  • It’s a gift for a friend
  • You’ve asked a friend when you’re in a bind and got the OK

Of course, we laugh at ourselves for our need for something like this. But, I have to say that it has forced me to really evaluate my shopping choices, even in the last few days. No, I don’t need the split sleeve silk top in royal blue.  And no, I don’t need the maxi dress in emerald green silk jersey (because I already have five maxi dresses and all of them are gorgeous. Plus I have not enough days in the week to wear them all!).  Don’t even look at the JBrand denim sale – jeans need to be tried on in person before buying them.

Hey, I need to employ the help of others when combatting my own personal compulsive behaviors. I lost weight with the help of a group. I consult good friends when making major choices in my life to get different insights.  I work in marketing and that’s what we do, working in groups, that is.  Challenges are faced easier and more successfully with a partner or buddy.

So T and I face sample sales together and together we say a definitive “Yes” to those garments that will change our lives and “No” to those that only take up space in the closet (and my life).


One Response to ““The Shopping Creed”-Rules to Shop By”

  1. secondskins July 26, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    those rules are definitely going to help me save hundreds of dollars 🙂

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