the power of your clothes

1 Feb

I had a bunch of clothes that were in wonderful condition but weren’t working for me anymore. I didn’t necessarily just want to give them to charity or try and sell them at the thrift store in Brooklyn.  Instead, upon making my two friends brunch today, I pulled out the bag of clothes and started to go through them to see if either of them sparked to any of the garments I was ready to let go.

Amy took several pieces that I must say, looked way more fabulous on her than on me.  And I felt like a good Samaritan. Why? Because good clothes went to a good woman and put a smile on her face. That’s what clothes are about. Smiling and feeling good about ourselves.

The beauty of clothes is that they can make you feel a certain mood or emotion. You put on a suit and you’re powerful, assertive, and almost intimidating.  Throw on the LBD and you’re hot.  Slouchy sunday jeans make you feel fun, fluid, and ready for a movie or the paper and some coffee.  Of course, in a woman’s life, the one thing that makes us feel the ultimate emotion is the wedding gown.  Clothes have that power if you give it to them.

I say, give the clothes the power. Let your wardrobe pull out emotions from you. Let your outfit remind you of the emotions you haven’t felt in a while. Let the colors lift your spirit when you’re not able to do so on your own.  Put on a fabulous bra and matching panties when you feel fat. You’ll feel insta-pretty.  Wear your expensive boots and hand bag with your t-shirt and jeans and feel chic without trying.  If you’re feeling sick, try a bright yellow or citrus color and breathe in your health.  I swear on my Cole Haan tote, clothes, colors, and fabrics have the ability to take you from low to high.

That’s my insight for a Sunday evening. Let your clothes pull out the best in you.  You’ll get compliments and your mood, spirits, and attitude will be elevated and prance around on the good words that people throw your way. Between that and the morning cup of coffee…what else do you need for a kick-start to your day?


2 Responses to “the power of your clothes”

  1. Amy February 3, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    Made me feel GREAT! The clothes (and the confidence) are much appreciated. xoxo

  2. Amy February 3, 2009 at 10:27 pm #

    Made me feel GREAT! The clothes (and the confidence) are much appreciated. xoxo

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