Things I love

24 Jan

My sister sent me a message saying that it’s been nearly four months since I last posted. And prior to that, someone questioned if I even had a right to blog since I hadn’t written in so long. I get the message.  So I’m writing now.

I don’t have a specific topic in mind. Rather, I’d like to just post on the stuff I love.

ITEM #1 I LOVE: the color navy blue.

I heart navy blue. It’s my new BF (best friend, for those who don’t spend much time in the IM/Text world).  It’s my fabulous alternative to black and gray. It’s my neutral to go with any pink, purple, cream, brown, stripe, dot, green or orange. It’s my dark for the days I want to look more lean. It’s my transient color for every season. Navy is my new black. I even wear it with black because I don’t fear dark on dark.

When you think black, think Navy Blue for:

Accessories: a wallet or hand bag

Trousers: they can be your new basic black pant

Coats: they go with every color in your closet – it’s your neutral coat for the chilliest of winters

Shoes: I mean, navy shoes with chocolate brown trousers or hot skinny jeans, does it get better? (PS – skinny jeans with super high heels means even us girls with thicker thighs look long and lean…and still girly-curvy)


Ponchos are a savvy alternative to a thick coat when the temps are mild. They come in so many colors, styles, and fabrics which make them a standout jewel in your closet.  Throw over a cotton turtleneck, a thin cashmere sweater or even a t-shirt (no one will know) and don’t even bother taking it off during the day. It acts as your top.

Here are some of my faves:

Big, thick stripes. Throw this berry colored number over your favorite pair of black pants, dark denim, or even light khakis and you’re comfortable, warm, and sporting an easy-peasy splash of color in your outfit

Embellished, ready for evening: This gorgeous, charcoal poncho with the lacy-loopy border is begging to be worn out on the town.  Put on a pencil skirt and knee-high boots or put on a tissue thin white tank (extra long) over sleek black pants with peep toe heels.  Think big hoop earrings and big silver rings.  And if you want to tone it down, put it over a simple shift dress as a point of interest for an office ensemble.

Poncho as a coat: This is great way to rid yourself of the wool coat in more milder climates or those lucky NY days when we hit 50+ in the winter.  Simple heather gray is fine, but put on a brightly-colored kerchief around your neck and a matching bangle and you’re toasty on your commute, in your office, or in that freezing meat-locker of a movie theatre.

I’m thinking forget those gi-mundo hand bags with heavy leather and metal work fit for a high-rise welder (I love you Marc Jacobs, but sometimes your bags weigh me down). How about a sleek, flush-to-the-body messenger or envelope bag?  Throw a truncated version of a wallet (i.e. a zippy change purse with your ID, debit card, metro card, and a couple $20’s) your mobile of choice, lip gloss and your keys, secure it across your body and you’ve got hands free chic.

My personal picks are:

Envelope Bag: You don’t have to go designer, but you can go basic black and thin.

Envelope Bag #2: How about a little rock star in your life?

Flat, Messenger-type bag: Do it in color

Weave It and Go: Beaten-in brown goes with all


I’m over that pale, non-color, natural, white-ish look. Go dark. Go hot.  I like straight black. But there are a ton of classy, all-appropriate, dark and uber-Euro looking polishes to suit all needs.  It’s winter; go dark! (And a tip that’s obligatory–do not wear these colors on long nails. They must be short to avoid looking like a h…well you know what I’m getting at. Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

A little purple you like? Try OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark

Feeling a bit blue? OPI’s Russian Navy is subtlely sparkly and deep

Chocolate Addiction: It’s all about Essie’s Chocolate Kisses

Very, very vamp if you’re feeling seductive: MAC’s Vintage Vamp is your best bet

And those, dear sister, are the things I love.


One Response to “Things I love”

  1. Teresa January 31, 2009 at 7:52 pm #

    Things I love: 1. Dresses with pockets! I can’t get enough of them. The ability to walk around with my hands in my pockets is complete joy. 2. Black (what can i say, I’m a new yorker true and true) 3. My new Rachel Comey shoes with thick wooden heels (very much like clogs but I like it) 4. My Hunter wellies….again living in NY, I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t wear them…

    I could go on and on…but those are the few items I’m loving right now.

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