Sometimes you just let it go

30 Sep

In the last few days I have been encountered several times with clothes that I love, love, love. Unfortunately, they have been clothes that I can’t, can’t, can’t wear.  Why? Because they don’t work for my body.

I’m 5’2″ and my body shape is a modest hourglass. But I’m full in the thighs for certain. That said, between my height and my lower half, things that emphasize hips just don’t work.

Example: High-waisted, wide-legged, pleated trouser jeans or pants.

Unfortunately, even if I’m wearing heels, the wide legs of the pants make me look short and squat. I’m not particularly long-torsoed either, which means there is not a whole lot of room between the high waist and my breast line making me look even more squat.  Even though I love them, I have to let them go.

Example: Large puff or kimono-sleeved tops

I have a small frame with a small head and shoulders. If I wear a very voluminous garments on top, I look like I’m drowning in my clothes. I look overwhelmed and almost silly. That said, I have to be super careful in applying this trend (because I love these shapes!).  I have to be very fitted or tailored with whatever garment I pair a voluminous top. Or, I have to incorporate some structure to an otherwise fluid fabric and shape with a belt or tailored pants. But the default is usually, “I love it, but I have to let it go.”

Important Lesson: Not all things that are trendy look good on everyone.  Not all things we love are good for us in fashion.  Not all things we want will be harmonious with our inherent features.  Appreciate your body’s own natural lines and shape and work with it, not against.


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