Let’s talk under garments

1 Sep

Say it with me: “Underwear.”

The most important foundation for a good wardrobe is undergarments.  Even the best of ensembles can be ruined by visible panty lines and the diabolical breast version of muffin top.  If you’re wearing a body-conscious top and your chest is sagging, you run the risk of looking heavier than you are. Heaven forbid you have a gap in the buttons of your blouse and your breast is peeking through!  Or, (gasp!) you sport fabulous new white jeans and out peeks two unflattering lines on your tush; now you have four cheeks! There are some things you just need to invest in – undergarments are one of them.  Here are my suggestions for some amazing undergarments that will lift and smooth.


Known for their one-size-fits-all stretch lace panties, Hanky Panky makes beautiful and comfortable panties that really do fit all!  They are sold in all major department stores, boutiques, and even some gyms with clothing boutiques on site.  They come in 20+ colors and beautiful patterns in thong (low and original rise), bikini, and boyshort styles (all shown below) plus versions with ruffles and embellishments. While they are a bit more pricey ($18-$22) and do require delicate treatment for washing (by hand or in the gentle cycle in lingerie bags), they always feel good, comfortable, and make me feel pretty and feminine no matter what I’m wearing.


While there are many, many wonderful bras out there that do miraculous things for womens’ numerous needs, my personal favorite is Wacoal.  Wacoal makes endless styles in beautiful colors and are known for their shape, structure, and ability to put the fuller figured woman into her place!

For the basics in your bra wardrobe, you’ll need:

Smooth bra for t-shirts and form-fitting tops. A smooth cup will look streamlined and clean underneath cotton, silk, and stretch shirts.

Push-Up Bra for low-cut tops (ladies please, nighttime or social wear only!)

Everyday Minimizer for full figures to work with any garment.

These are some basics and you can build from there based on your needs.  Choose a strapless for halters, cocktail dresses, or tube-tops. And finally, a pretty lace bra with underwear that can withstand day to day wear is a great add-on to your collection (for when you want to feel sexy for no good reason!).

I would suggest going to a department store and getting properly measured. More women guess incorrectly than accurately when it comes to their bra sizes. And, like jeans, there are countless cuts, styles, and fits so you should get advised on the right styles for you before you buy. Once you know your ideal bra, feel free to beef up your collection on sites like Bare Necessities or department stores with online lingerie shops.

Happy fittings!


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