Mix and Match

31 Aug

When I think of the notion of mixing and matching, a great many arenas come to mind.  You may be thinking I’m talking only colors. Yes and no. Along with colors, I mix and match (MandM) with my food–strange combinations of edibles to create a meal (i.e. gardenburger and a bowl of oatmeal). I MandM with my friends–I don’t have a “group” of girls a la SATC but rather a my friends are an aggregate of different women with different careers who vary in age from 25 to 65.  I MandM with my home decor–essentially I go for what I like and try to harmonize pieces in the same room through placement and size.

And on to my wardrobe – MandM-ing is great not only for color but for style of dress, texture, season, and occasion. What the heck do I mean? Below are some examples I hope inspire you to try to mix and match with baby steps until you are feel freer to play a bit of twister with your wardrobe putting together more interesting, visually appealing, and creative combinations of your clothes.  When you find yourself bored with your clothes, try some of these tips and you may save yourself from the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.

Color MandM:

My personal view on color is that nothing has to “match” exactly, it should just “go”.  Colors should be harmonious but don’t have to be precise. Try using several shades of the same color or contrasting colors such as orange and purple, pink and blue or red and green.  You’ll see what a delightful pallet of sumptuous colors can do for your mood and how it can attract a great many compliments.

Style of Dress MandM:

Match up the Traditional style–known for its clean lines, conservative/businesslike style in mostly neutral colors with Feminine style – known for its delicate, pristine, and gentle appearance often utilizing softer, approachable colors and “girly” patterns like flowers or dots.

Trousers + floral blouse + ornate hair accessory + sweater vest + conservative flats

Season-Texture MandM:

Summer dress+ opaque tights + denim jacket + ankle boots.

Careful to keep your colors in harmony, that your silky dress doesn’t cling or get bunched up when you walk from the texture of your tights, keep your denim jacket tailored and the boots should stick to the ankle-height? Why? Because meeting your knee-length fluttery dress with leather may be too harsh of a juxtoposition. Let your tights be the bridge that marries the lightweight fabric of your dress to the heavier weight and texture of your boots. Keep in mind, you don’t have to utilize super-bright colors like I’ve pictured below. Keep it more consvative with neutrals, black tights and black boots.

The point is to combine unlikely textures for balance with seasons to extend the life of your clothes beyond just standard seasonal dictations.


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