30 Aug

In a few days, it will officially be fall.  If you live in a city that has distinct seasons you’re lucky. Here in NY, we get a few weeks of the transitional seasons and then wake up one morning to a dramatically different temperature.

That said, now that fall is nearly upon us New Yorkers, I am getting really excited about pulling my boots and leggings out, my attractive swing jackets and layers of many colors.  I find fall to be a key season in showing off your best wardrobe pieces because it’s cool enough to wear the fabulous fabrics of a cooler temperature, but not so cold that you need to cover up with that down coat.

Some of my current fall favorites are below. A good pair of booties, pretty and surprising accessories and making cozy part of your day wear are three things that make me look forward to sipping a hot coffee on a cool, overcast saturday morning of the fall.

Booties: Wear them with opaque tights and a knee-length skirt or underneath jeans. Booties give you all the height without all the added bulk around your calves. don’t like knee-high boots under pants; they cling to my pants when I walk! Booties are my alternative. Keep the shape classic and simple. A round toe with a moderate-weight heel will give you a bootie that will span many seasons of trends.  A black leather or suede are great choices (see below).  If you find one pair you really love, buy it in black and brown or tan. You’ll get so much wear out of them because they marry well with nearly everything in your closet – dresses, skirts, pants, and trouser shorts.

Scarves as accessories: they provide just enough warmth to block out the morning nip in the air. And, they can be worn all day in place of a necklace as an added element of texture or color to an otherwise simple outfit. A long sleeve t-shirt and a sleek pair of flat front pants with heels can be brought to an entirely different delicious level of delightful with a brightly colored scarf. Throw it over your shoulder in an effortless overlapping toss, knot it close to the neck for a choker-effect, or wrap it several times loosely around your neck to simulate a cowl.  Make sure the color is within your own best pallet because it will be right at your face. The right color can make you glow, the wrong can make you look sick.


Sweater Coats: Sweater coats are an ideally-cozy layer that provides warmth and the element of “I didn’t even think about my outfit this morning” chic. The example here can be layered with a classic oxford shirt in any color. Pop the collar and bring the cuffs out for added drama. Add on layers of fake pearls (or real ones if you have them!), or several chain necklaces for some edge to balance out the squishy cashmere.  Take it off when you get to your destination or make it part of your outfit.  Pair the sweater coat with denim, leggings, or your favorite black pants for a soft and supple layer of warmth in early morning fall briskness.


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