just in time for fall

17 Aug

It’s official – my website is live and kickin’. is my official site from which I can communicate who I am, what I do, and what CallaStyle’s services are. I’m thrilled to finally be able to have a home base on the net since this is the main point of operation for so many businesses, big and small.

Now that this has been announced…I know it’s only August, but goodness. I can’t wait for the fall clothes to come out of hiding. Fabulous tights with boots and print skirts. Patterned blouses with tailored, structured trousers and flats. Impeccably tailored jackets over funky leggings. All black. All brown. All navy. Wool mixed with silk mixed with denim mixed with anything!

A new season means new favorites, new outfits, and more fun in your closet. You don’t have to go shopping, just play twister with your clothes.


Black pants matches pastel colored top.


Denim skirt matches bright-colored solid turtleneck and brown riding boots.


Solid black from head to toe. Don’t care what anyone says, black is always the new black and will forever be black and chic.

I would hit the newsstands for the following magazines to give you inspiration, ideas, websites and 800-numbers: Lucky (, Vogue ( (don’t be intimidated, there are more cost efficient versions of the Pradas and YSLs in those pages), More (, In Style ( and Glamour ( All have great fall themes and will fuel your excitement about turning over the sleeveless tops to the idea of layering the sleeveless top over a thin knit sweater and those fabulous go-to black trousers you so adore.

Go shopping!


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