Balance–It’s not just for ballerinas

22 Jun

Whether you’re putting together an outfit for work or a party, or trying to construct a “look” for a special occasion, you can never forget the importance of balance. Again, dressing and wardrobe is all about following natural lines and direction that are provided by your body. Showcasing your best features, camouflaging the lesser favored parts. The key to creating this harmony and fluidity in your appearance is by using balance. Here are some examples:

Say you’re wearing a voluminous skirt complete with ruffles and lace. Super pretty! You may be tempted to follow the theme of that skirt with an equally ruffled blouse. Instead of highlighting the gorgeous skirt, the specialness is now lost because there is ruffle and texture and all kinds of things going on from top to bottom. Instead of looking chic, you run the risk of looking costume-y. Each piece (though both pretty) has lost its uniqueness. And your body is now carrying volume on top and bottom adding bulk and weight to your frame. Instead, try a simple t-shirt in a pretty color and a sweet ballet flat to balance and truly show off your skirt. The same rule applies if your top has texture and volume – wear a simple pencil or a-line skirt on the bottom.

Think about balancing different styles of dress as well. Perhaps you’ve dared to don the uber-chic slouchy pants/crops or (now that we’re in summer) slouchy shorts. These can be a little more industrial and casual in style. Instead of carrying that theme forward with a plain T or tank, you can balance out this industriousness with a silky blouse or rouched knit top. Keep this going with strappy sandals or even classic pumps and you’ve elevated the slouchy, comfy bottoms to a fashion forward, compliment-worthy ensemble.

Lastly, and most importantly, balance is the key to camouflaging and accentuating. If you’re a pear-shape, think about adding some dimension to your top half to draw the eye up. Do this with details like ruffles, pattern, or layers from a blazer or cardigan. Likewise, you can ensure that your pants are boot-cut or have a slight flair which will counterbalance your hips.

These are just a few examples but hopefully provide some insight into how to keep your body and your ensemble balanced and not overpowering your frame (and others’ eyes!). But if you still aren’t sure, just ask me

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2 Responses to “Balance–It’s not just for ballerinas”

  1. Teresa June 23, 2008 at 12:32 pm #

    I definitely love to wear voluminous skirts and tank tops…and also dresses the item down so you can wear for different occasions.

  2. Cheryl June 23, 2008 at 11:09 pm #

    Your posts are always a wonderful read, but this one is particularly excellent in it’s uber-guideliness. Not a word, so sue me.

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