Some Sparkly Silver Rules

18 Jun

I’ve devised my own set of (not golden) Sparkly Silver Rules for shopping in the form of questions that I will ask. Since options are limitless and our budgets are not, there are some ways to whittle away the superfluous choices and get to the meat of the true finds and good purchases.  Below are the questions I apply regularly that help me separate the “I want that!” from the “I want that and I really do need that and I really can use that…for a while.”

1) Does this item go with more than 5 things in my closet? I try to make sure that garments will go with several different items – if it’s shoes, they should go with jeans and trousers. If it’s a top, it should look good with slacks, a skirt, and maybe even leggings.

2) Does this item pinch, pull, tug, gape, bunch, or wrinkle easily?  Try it out. Sit, squat, lean and dance if you have to. But if it does any of these crazy behaviors, put it back.

3) Is this item the best quality that I can afford in my budget? Always buy the best of what you can afford. Buy a $75 pair of jeans rather than a $35 pair if you can. They’ll fit better, look better, and last longer. This rule especially applies to your wardrobe staples (black pants, black dress, jeans, etc.)

4) Can I wash it or is it dry clean only?  If you don’t like to spend extra money on cleaning, then put it back.  Dry cleaning is great but it does come with a price. So check the label to make sure you can “manage the management” of your new purchase.

5) Is this my color?  It pays to know a bit about your own personal color palate.  The garment could be a beautiful Ella Moss dress but if it’s in moss green, I have to put it back.  There’s no point because everytime I put it on, my skin will look yellow and I won’t look my best.  Make sure that the item is your best color and/or pattern. Otherwise, buy it as a gift and admire it on your friend.

6) Is this trendy or is it fashion forward? These are two different things.  Trendy is current, ephemeral, and guaranteed to have a shelf-life.  But fashion forward has a longevity that is worth every penny you’re able to spend on it.  I have boots that are in their third season (and good for two more) because they’re basic black, round toe, with no fancy embellishments.  I spent $300 on them.  The champagne colored strappy flats that my girlfriend bought, however, are a bit more trendy and she paid under $50.  Smart decisions considering the two items.

The bottom line: I get uber-overwhelmed by all the flash, color, sparkle, and shimmer in my favorite stores. I load up my arms and then go to the dressing room. I apply my rules and come out with 1, 2 or sometimes 3 good pieces that I know will enhance my wardrobe and are perfect for me in my life. 


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