14 May

There are things we can do to extend the use, agility, and fabulousness of our wardrobes. Change buttons on an old blazer. Fold up the cuffs of our jeans to make them cutely cropped. Throw a chunky necklace over an otherwise simple black t-shirt. But one of my favorite accessories is a belt.  They don’t just hold up pants anymore!

Used wisely and with variation, belts can offer you a way to create an hourglass shape, turn a dress into a shirt to wear over trousers, create a longer waistline/torso, and provide added dimension to your everyday wear without extra cost.

Here are some examples. 

For an accentuated waistline, add a belt to classic shift dress just under your bustline. Pair it with shoes of the same color, et voila! A basic black dress would look edgy and tough with a woven leather belt. Or, for some color, try a patterened scarf and a pair of brightly colored flats.

To create a longer torso, you can cinch a tunic with a low-slung belt. This will draw the eye down past your natural waist and create a “v” shape at the buckle tricking the eye into believing you have a picture-perfect tummy.


Lastly, you can turn a great monochromatic look into something special with a metallic or jeweled belt and similar shoes.  If you love black, I’d suggest sleek black trousers and a pretty black button-down blouse.  Then, add in the dazzling embellished buckle or metallic belt with the matching flats (for day) and heels (for night).  You could do the same if you were wearing all brown, navy, or even plum from head to toe.

These are just three options. But before you look at the simple garments in your closet and deem them “boring” or “just a shirt”, try throwing on a belt and see what happens.


One Response to “Belt-Tastic”

  1. Teresa June 23, 2008 at 12:31 pm #

    I agree…using a belt absolutely changes the dress or top into many different looks. Especially since we are all coming off the baby doll dresses, it’s a great way to update and not have to get rid of some of the trends that seemed like a good idea at the time…

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