Happy Feet

11 May

Being 5’2″, I have always struggled with the concept of flats. From a young age, I was convinced that flats made me look short, dumpy, and unattractive. Really, that was my issue and had nothing to do with flats. For years, I shunned all flats – loafer, sandals and (gasp!) sneakers. I covered miles upon miles across my college campus and later, my commute to and from work, in nothing less than 3-inch heels.

Well ladies, I live in New York City, I’m closing in on 30, and my feet cannot take it anymore. I have embraced flats. They are chic, they are hip, they are cool, and they are comfortable. Best of all, the options are endless. Oh, and yes, I do own all of the below examples.

Bejeweled Thongs: They offer an upscale look to a traditionally casual sandal. Totally work appropriate and can also take you comfortably out for happy hour or to a nice dinner.

Fun Color Thongs: These just make my feet happy. I have them in hot pink. And I’ll wear them with any and all colors because the strap is unassuming enough to not scream “pink!”

Slipper Like Sneakers: These made by Puma are literally like soft, buttery slippers. Except they have a rubber sole and are totally appropriate for running errands, walking the mall, commuting to and from work, or just taking out the trash.

Ballet Flats: I own these in a deep eggplant suede. Bought from a boutique in Brooklyn, I put these on and felt the cushy, squishy insoles and fell in love. They go with everything and they take my tooties everywhere. Everyone needs a pair of ballet flats.

Try a pair, try a few. Just give your pretty feet a break and try a new twist on the traditional heel. My feet are so happy, they even told me so.


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