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Chic Girl of the Day: Stephanie

14 May

Stephanie was radiant in this coral-colored wrap dress and a matching camisole with a little bit o’lace. The  low-heeled black thong sandals are comfy and show off her pedi. She has a reddish tint to her light brown hair and luminous skin so the color of the dress is perfectly harmonious. She’s acutely aware of her body type and dresses it well. She’s always got a fresh splash of color (a headband or other accessory) and an exceptional mix of trend and elegance. In short, she does it well. But her best asset – her smile. It goes a long way. And this was a great dress to feature as the chic girl.

Thanks Stephanie!

She\'s coral wrap dress chic



14 May

There are things we can do to extend the use, agility, and fabulousness of our wardrobes. Change buttons on an old blazer. Fold up the cuffs of our jeans to make them cutely cropped. Throw a chunky necklace over an otherwise simple black t-shirt. But one of my favorite accessories is a belt.  They don’t just hold up pants anymore!

Used wisely and with variation, belts can offer you a way to create an hourglass shape, turn a dress into a shirt to wear over trousers, create a longer waistline/torso, and provide added dimension to your everyday wear without extra cost.

Here are some examples. 

For an accentuated waistline, add a belt to classic shift dress just under your bustline. Pair it with shoes of the same color, et voila! A basic black dress would look edgy and tough with a woven leather belt. Or, for some color, try a patterened scarf and a pair of brightly colored flats.

To create a longer torso, you can cinch a tunic with a low-slung belt. This will draw the eye down past your natural waist and create a “v” shape at the buckle tricking the eye into believing you have a picture-perfect tummy.


Lastly, you can turn a great monochromatic look into something special with a metallic or jeweled belt and similar shoes.  If you love black, I’d suggest sleek black trousers and a pretty black button-down blouse.  Then, add in the dazzling embellished buckle or metallic belt with the matching flats (for day) and heels (for night).  You could do the same if you were wearing all brown, navy, or even plum from head to toe.

These are just three options. But before you look at the simple garments in your closet and deem them “boring” or “just a shirt”, try throwing on a belt and see what happens.

Happy Feet

11 May

Being 5’2″, I have always struggled with the concept of flats. From a young age, I was convinced that flats made me look short, dumpy, and unattractive. Really, that was my issue and had nothing to do with flats. For years, I shunned all flats – loafer, sandals and (gasp!) sneakers. I covered miles upon miles across my college campus and later, my commute to and from work, in nothing less than 3-inch heels.

Well ladies, I live in New York City, I’m closing in on 30, and my feet cannot take it anymore. I have embraced flats. They are chic, they are hip, they are cool, and they are comfortable. Best of all, the options are endless. Oh, and yes, I do own all of the below examples.

Bejeweled Thongs: They offer an upscale look to a traditionally casual sandal. Totally work appropriate and can also take you comfortably out for happy hour or to a nice dinner.

Fun Color Thongs: These just make my feet happy. I have them in hot pink. And I’ll wear them with any and all colors because the strap is unassuming enough to not scream “pink!”

Slipper Like Sneakers: These made by Puma are literally like soft, buttery slippers. Except they have a rubber sole and are totally appropriate for running errands, walking the mall, commuting to and from work, or just taking out the trash.

Ballet Flats: I own these in a deep eggplant suede. Bought from a boutique in Brooklyn, I put these on and felt the cushy, squishy insoles and fell in love. They go with everything and they take my tooties everywhere. Everyone needs a pair of ballet flats.

Try a pair, try a few. Just give your pretty feet a break and try a new twist on the traditional heel. My feet are so happy, they even told me so.

Long torso, short legs? No problem

3 May

Question:  Any suggestions for short legged and long waisted girls? (especially for pants).

Answer:  While I don’t know all the details (i.e your body shape, proportions), I can give you some good rules of thumb. The key is balance, creating ideal proportions on your body by controlling where garments hit you.  You want to lengthen the legs while shortening the waist, at the same time.  My first inclination would be to recommend tops and jackets that hit above your natural waist. Try a cropped jacket or blouse with horizontal or diagonal lines/details in the upper bodice.  This breaks up the long line of your uber-long torso and draws attention up rather than down to your long waist.

At the same time, pants should be higher or normal rise.  While you’re creating interest in the upper body with details (i.e. bows, shirred sleeves or shoulders), lengthen your legs with tapered pants, skinny jeans, or straight leg cuts.  If you choose a flared leg or boot cut, just make sure you are wearing high heels.  High-waisted jeans and pants are super stylish right now.  Even better are high-waisted pants with wide waist bands, which also breaks up your long torso.

In terms of shoes, heels, heels, heels.  Platforms are great ways to get height and they don’t kill your feet as much as a stiletto. If you want to expand beyond pants, try cute mini-skirts or mini-dresses with platform heels, or short shorts and a billowy top (just make sure these are appropriate for the occasion).

I hope this helps! Happy Shopping!