Make it Work–Floral (sans Fauna)

24 Apr

Who would think that flowers would ever be “hot”?  But they are. Florals are gracing  garments everywhere. These lovely brightly colored petals are cascading down blouses, dresses, skirts, pants, lingerie, and even shoes.  Some women think flowers are too “girly.”  I suppose if you’re sporting flowers on an Easter bonnet or Victorian style garden party dress, sure. But there’s no shame in a rose or a tulip adorning your clothes. Flowers can be treated a zillion different ways to create the best pattern for you.

Dramatic Flower Power–Large, abstract florals: It takes a bold woman with a bold presence to carry off a pattern this large and saturated in color. So beware that when you wear a print of this nature, you’ll be noticed. Make sure that the colors work with your hair and skin.  If you’re a petite woman with petite features, this print may overpower your stature and distract from your face. Ideally, prints of this size would work well on someone of average or taller height and body frame.

Dainty, Subtle, and Pretty: For those of us who aren’t as concerned about looking too girly, smaller prints are fun and can make a simple trouser or pair of jeans much more interesting. Here are some options that aren’t too over-the-top-give-you-a-headache-busy.  Keep in mind that while these can work for most anyone, more petite sized woman with more intricate facial features would benefit most from a smaller print. 


Alternatively…: Who says that the floral has to dominate the garment? You could incorporate one subtle flower printed on a t-shirt, or find a piece that has flowers embroidered into the fabric. You could even wear a monochromatic outfit and sport some adorable floral pumps. Here are some options…


However you choose to do your flowers, for goodness sake, do them!  Prints successfully hide many-a figure flaw and they’re an effortless way to look dazzling. They bring cheer and they’re good for your “feng shui.” What else do you want?



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