Make it Work–Leggings

23 Apr

The second noteworthy trend is the revival of LEGGINGS in the last 12-18 months.  This one has many women ecstatic (the early 20-somethings that didn’t do it the first time around), many cringing (those of us who did it and had officially repressed it until the runway unearthed it), and many who are on the fence, scratching their heads and wondering if leggings could work for them.

I am one to say, “Yes! If you want them to work, let’s make it work.”  The key is to make sure that whatever garment you integrate on your top half is long enough to cover your toosh (unless you are 14 with a body untouched by cellulite from gallons of “break-up” ice cream over the years).  You can do this with a sweater (or sweater dress), a mini-dress, a long slouchy blazer and classic button-down, an 80’s style off-the shoulder t-shirt, cool hoodie sweatshirt. Take your pick. 

Option I–It’s a casual affair 

Wear them with a long, silky sweater, long t-shirt, or even a mini-dress combining it with a waist-cinching belt or a low-slung belt.  Think of them as tights in this scenario.  And now that it’s spring, you can easily pair this look with cute ballet flats or flat sandals. See below:

   Option II–Little Miss Sophisticate (depending on your work environment, this could be very appropriate)

The options are limitless with this one. Try a tall, flat-heeled riding boot for uber-sophistication and comfort.  You could also do a knee-high stilletto or stacked heel boot that would render you sexy, taller, longer, and leaner.  Or, try a bootie.  Believe it or not, if you match the bootie to the leggings (i.e. brown with brown), your limbs will appear mile-high and you’ll feel like a million bucks. 

Any of the boot options can be paired with a crisp button down white shirt and a super-long sweater vest for a “preppy” aesthetic.  Even a long “grandpa” cardigan over a brightly colored tank with your boots is a fabulous combination. Super comfy, super hot.

Here are some great boots.


Option III: Totally funky (if you so dare)

Bring in da noise, bring on da Chucks.  Picture it: a rugby-inspired t-shirt with the collar fipped up and accented by a brightly-colored pair of CTs from Converse. Hey, if you’re gonna go 80s, go all the way.


No matter how you do leggings, do them. They are so comfortable and so versatile.  You can even substitute them for tights under a dress when the winter season hits (unless you live in LA in which case you’d still be wearing them with sandals or flats)




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