Style on the Stairs…on the cheap

13 Apr

I got a question yesterday:  Any suggestions for workout wear for those of us on a budget?


But I will first say this…I have a pair of Adidas running pants that I bought over six years ago. They were about $75.  They still fit, still wick away sweat, still run along with me in every and any workout. It’s worth the investment – from both a function and fashion point of view.

Now that I’ve said my peace…

Old Navy has great workout gear for super inexpensive. I have sports bras from Old Navy in an array of colors and they hold, lift, and support with no problems. They also carry cropped and long foldover yoga pants in tons of colors.

Champion is another great brand that is mid-priced and is great for gym workouts and yoga. These are available at most multi-brand stores (i.e. Modell’s, Big 5 Sports, etc.

And of course, scouring sites like Zappos or Amazon,, and even Nike or for sales is a great way to get expensive items on super-duper sale.

Hope this helps!


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