Wide Belts/Petite Women

3 Apr

Recently got this question:  Wide belts & petite women, okay?

Answer: Most of the time, I would say no.  While a belt cinched around the waist adds curves and a fun dimension to your outfit, the width of a belt could take it from “fabulous accessory” to “corset”.  I don’t like to give hard and fast rules for anyone only because I want everyone to feel stylish and empower them to make daring choices in their clothing.

So I would suggest that if you have a long torso, you could get away with a wide belt more easily. However, if you’re under 5′ tall, perhaps using a belt that is 1-1 1/2″ inches in width is best.  It won’t overwhelm your frame.  The focal point of any outfit should always be your face. If you strap yourself with a wide leather belt, people will look to your torso and forget everything else.  So go with a more slender belt around your tummy to create some fun curves. And if you like, you can find a slender belt that wraps around your waist twice, just for an added dimension to an otherwise ordinary accessory.

But, if you love wide belts, my suggestion would be to wear one color from top to bottom, and add a low slung belt in another color (i.e. wearing black with a caramel colored belt and cool antique metal buckle, or a chain belt that sits low on the waist) to break up the color.  If you wear it low, you create a directional pull down your body and won’t sacrifice your torso by cutting it off in the middle.

 Here are some great examples:

Double Wrap Belt


Available at Nordstrom

Chain Belt


Available at Nordstrom

Low-slung leather belt


Available at Lucky Jeans

Hope that helps!


One Response to “Wide Belts/Petite Women”

  1. anita April 3, 2008 at 12:16 pm #

    great advice! i’ll keep it in mind and do a little experimenting. i’ve got some groovy belts that i should do more with than just admire…and, i love the Lucky belt–it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. My jeans have been sagging and dragging for oh, about a year…
    thank you, ms. z!

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