SkeleTONS in Your Closet?

1 Apr

It never stops amazing me just how much “stuff” we can cram into our closets.  Sure, it can be piles and piles of clothes, but hidden within those stacks of t-shirts, mountains of sweaters, and dozens of folded pairs of denim also lay secrets, memories, sentiments, scars, war wounds, and scents that captivate us and compell us to hold on to them for dear life.

Eh-hem.  No more.

As I have helped some fellow lovely ladies purge their closets, I have found more and more how much emotion lies within those closet doors. 

“Those were my favorite jeans in high school.” “I bought that at an art sale. It’s art!”  “Those are my hostess pants for when people come over and I host.” “My grandmother knit that for me. She’s gone now.” “I’ll get back into those.”

And the beat goes on.

It’s clear to me that holding onto things (which we never even see or think about unless forced to by an ambush closet cleanout) isn’t helping us any. It’s just excess baggage.  That shirt we didn’t even know we had until we pulled it out has suddenly become super important. 

Think about what happens to us emotionally when we don’t let emotions go.  We harbor guilt or anger, we hang onto regrets and ‘what ifs’ only to keep us from moving forward.  Like extra pounds on the body, we’re weighed down. Emotionally, our heads get caught in the past and dwell on the shoulda, coulda, wouldas.  Sometimes it takes an intervention to remind us that when we look back, we’re missing what’s right in front of us.

Clothes are the same way. Those memories and sentiments seep into the fabric and keep a firm grip making us believe that we need to keep them around for reasons we’re not even quite sure.  The boyfriend or parent that gave you that {fill in the blank} are either gone or probably don’t even remember. And my guess is that we are a completely different person now than when we acquired these garments.

That said, let’s embrace what we are now and not look back but look forward.  Rid ourselves of the extra weight physically, metaphorically, and literally.  Ask yourself the key question: “Do I get any use out of this item now?”  If the answer is no, bag it, tag it, and write it off on your ’08 tax return.

It’s extra weight. It’s superfluous.  Clean out the closet, clear out your mind…and move on!


2 Responses to “SkeleTONS in Your Closet?”

  1. Alison April 2, 2008 at 9:25 am #

    Oh lord, after reading this I’m wondering what I signed up for with you this weekend! 🙂

    I was just thinking this morning that I really don’t have a lot of clothes, I’m a pretty basic dresser and I swear I would wear Lucky jeans and a black shirt every day if I could (well actually, most days I DO wear jeans and a black shirt. Today I changed it up with green khakis and a black shirt, very fancy :). Anyway, after reading your post today I’m sure that even though I don’t think I have a lot, I probably have more than I think I do and I am more sure that I will have a lot less of it after this weekend!

    Keep rockin’ Calla Style!


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