Mimimal with big impact

27 Mar

A book was brought to my attention called, “Not Quite What I was Planning”.  It’s a book filled with six-word memoirs by known and obscure writers as well as some celebs.  The challenge is to write your memoir in only six words.  That said, I came up with a ton that describe my life from probably a dozen different angles.  

I thought I’d share some descriptive ones about myself that are in fact significant in the arena of my image, my style, my body, and my life as it relates to them.

Personal or not, it’s my style.

Funky, professional, playful…run the gamut. 

Change your clothes, accomplish your goals.

You live once, please look good.

Eat too much, clothes don’t fit.

Ate too much? Wear different clothes!

Where’s my money? On wooden hangers.

Black or pink? Always choose both.

Nothing to wear? Buy something new.

Buy something new, trash something old.

Feeling down, fake it and smile.

Fashion isn’t shallow…if you’re not.

Speak volumes by not saying anything.

Life is like dress-up…play!

I invite you to contribute. If you comment and give me your own I’ll put them in my next post.  Tell me about your personal image and style and how it plays a role in your life–using only six words.


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