Girls from Around the Way

21 Mar

Last night I met with my new book club at a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn.  Eight women showed up ready to meet other ladies who have a voracious appetite for literature.  What did we end up doing?  Giving our topline thoughts on the book and moving onto other topics (the usual: sex, men, Project Runway, work, hometowns, and various jokes, grievances, and the like). It was great. 

The organizer of the group commented on my outfit and said, “Zovig, you’re so trendy!” I immediately thanked her and of course had to say something about my journey to become a full-fledged image consultant.  While I came to talk Pulitzer Prize winning prose, I left the gathering offering my services to any one of them.

Why?  Because I realized I was among a group of women about which I knew nothing except their email addresses and their Brooklyn neighborhood of residence.  That said,  I got excited at the thought of new closets I could help rework, the color palates that we could enhance, and any opportunity to help and have fun by way of fashion. 

I got an email today from one of those ladies asking me if it was okay to pass along my info to some of her friends.  Um…yes it’s better than okay!  I need the practice and they want some help – bring it! 

It’s important to revel in being a girl.  It’s priceless to be able to sit with other women, commiserate in similarities, compare differences, and know that after all of it, we’re just girls.  And, girls like to have fun and we like to look good.  That’s the best part of this job–seeing the excitement on a woman’s face when we’ve created that “a-ha!” moment. She can visualize herself in a different way, from a different vantage point all because she took the time to make sure she was polished and at her personal best. 

I love being a girl.


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