Lean and Mean

7 Mar

Today, I walked by the Gap on my way to the office.  Normally, Gap apparel is restricted to a few things.  First, I adore their lingerie, particularly their underwear.  Second, I buy basic t-shirts and tanks at the beginning of each summer season, wear them out, throw them away, and replenish the following year.  Typically, I don’t go to Gap for my everyday clothes.

That said, this morning I saw that they had casual pants in the window in an array of beautiful colors.  If you follow my blog at all, you know I’m a sucker for colors.

I stopped.

I looked.

I pondered.

And, at the end of this 45 second window of time, I decided that I have entirely too many pairs of casual pants to go and buy another pair (right now, at least). 

I was just in my closet this morning deciding between three pairs of chinos – olive, stone, or traditional khaki. (Yes, the weight of the world is heavy on my shoulders).  And I realized that I had too much to decide between.  I had a flash back of a woman who was telling me recently that her closet was “lean and mean.”  It consists of perfectly-fit, of-the-moment , and classic clothes that are interchangable and statements alone or together.

Yes, this is a great strategy. One I’m envious of. But, what about us girls who get caught up in the mix of color, texture, fabric, and trend?  I want it all! I want it now!  I’m a shopaholic. I can’t stop myself.  I love it. But there are women who don’t love shopping as much as I do.  They have perfected a distilled down, key-item collection that I admire.  It makes getting dressed low-maintenance and easy.

But, there is room in the world for both of us. So what if I have the same pair of pants in three colors. So what if my denim pile is inching upwards of 25 pairs. I wear them all. I rotate them all equally. I have no favorites.

Whether you’re a woman who keeps it “lean and mean” or who revels in the notion of options, options, options, there is space for you in the world of fashion.  Whatever looks good, works.  Make sure it’s right for you and make sure you feel not a cent less than a million bucks.



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