More on Color

4 Mar

I’ve started an Image Consulting class at FIT. And in two classes, I’ve learned a great deal about colors, the psychology of them, and the impact they can have on the person who wears them and how others see them.

They say that everyone has colors that work for them. Likewise, there are colors that work against them. And I’ve seen that there are ways that you can make a woman look tired and sick or uplifted and rested. The right color can bring life to a woman’s face or can drag her down. It’s a very subtle process, finding your right palate–and it’s very easy to get confused and throw on the wrong colors.

I won’t go into all the details because 1) they may bore you and 2) I can’t pretend to have this color analysis thing licked. What I will do is give you some info on basic color psychology. Colors affect people more than we are psychology aware.

Color basics are below.  Have some knowledge about what the colors you wear (or don’t wear) do to your image and make an educated choice based on your circumstances or situation about how you want to present yourself.

Red: Energetic, confident, assertive, passionate, sexy, overbearing, intimidating, on-sale (though that last one may not mean much…or it could if you’re a hooker)

Pink: Calming, gentle, inviting. Big surprise, right? While some people have strong objections to pink, imagine walking into a pink room. I would immediately think of fluffy, soft smelling things. That’s pretty calming, no?

Orange: Friendly, appealing, gregarious, enthusiastic, cheap, inexpensive, informal. Orange is inherently bright and inviting, sunny and appealing. It’s also a color that goes in and out of trends. This isn’t my most flattering color but I love wearing it!

Yellow: Best attention getter, increases alertness and pain, too stimulating (it could actually make an adult lose their temper and babies cry).

Green: Compassionate, nurturing, secure, unimportant, inexperienced (hence the slang term “green” as in naive or new to something)

Blue Tones: Classic, authoritative, refined. It’s also a color of trustworthiness (think politician suits in navy blue)

Yellow Tones: earthy, friendly and approachable

Muted Tones: subdued and sophisticated

Bright Tones: friendly, fun, and enthusiastic

Dark Colors: authoritative, strong, dramatic

Light Colors: approachable, accessible, and friendly

BOTTOM LINE: Think about what you want to say today, tomorrow, or the next. If you couldn’t speak and wanted to project a message how can you best do it with your image?  Choose (and use) your colors wisely, but for goodness sake, use colors!


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