Chic Girl of the Day–Katie

14 Feb

Today, I saw Katie and proceeded to accost her while she was making her morning coffee. She happily agreed to be showcased for our benefit.

Why I love her outfit: It’s a simple cable knit sweater but it’s in bubble gum pink. And when you put this with a black and white skirt patterned skirt, it’s unexpected and makes you think your fond Hubba Bubba days. The skirt is voluminous enough to add some interest without adding bulk. Because her legs are long and lean, it works for her. I wouldn’t suggest this to women who may carry weight on their lower half; that would simply add unflattering volume. And, my favorite part is the pockets–functional and another unique part of the piece. Plus, it’s a mini which she can get away with because 1) her legs are border a mile in length (she’s a tall babe) and 2) she’s wearing opaque black tights which add just enough modesty to make it office appropriate. Thanks Katie!



One Response to “Chic Girl of the Day–Katie”

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