Mango spotted in Soho

11 Feb

There’s a new store brought to NYC – it’s called Mango. It’s a Spanish-born store with locations in South America as well. And the first one has been brought to NYC’s Soho. I was ecstatic when I discovered this. Three reasons for my excitment:

1) Of the moment trends

2) European influence

3) Affordability

4) (okay, so it’s four) – their clothes fit a woman’s body.

This store is huge and carries basics (cotton, stretch turtlenecks in 10 colors) to unique items for special occasion. I can come out of there with clothes that make me feel like a rock star or a well-fitted, long-sleeve t-shirt to layer underneath a dress or sweater.

Take a look…some of my favorites:

Love this brown blazer – it’s perfect for a fall/spring jacket. But busty girls beware! If you’re curvy up top, this will make you look even more bulky (and not in a good way).  Jacket 6SC Trans, $139 

Oh my – the colors!  The dress is perfect for spring and summer.  You can wear it to an outdoor daytime wedding, you can wear it to a family gathering, you can wear it to brunch on Sunday. You can wear it just about anyway you want to. And if you want to wear it to work, put a cami on underneath (to cover up the sexy deep v-neck) and throw on a neutral colored blazer.  Dress VCD Nicol, $139

How versatile, how universal in fit (just make sure it goes comfortably around your chest with no gaps when you do the “sit test”), how just plain perfect and simple. Jeans best friend, underneath a suit, with a flowy skirt, or paired with knee-length walking shorts, this shirt is a must (in more than one color!). Shirt Clean, $29
What an easy-to-wear top with such color!  I would recommend putting a camisole underneath this to ensure you’re not showing too much. It floats away from the body for an easy fit, but the loose/flowiness of it makes

it feel effortless and divine.  Blouson MLL Cris, $69
Knee length denim pencil skirt is about as classic as you can get.  I could make a list of 200 things that would work with this.  She’s paired with pumps, but we can do this any number of ways. Considering NYC’s current weather pattern (bitter cold), I’d pair it with a crisp white button-down, a sweater vest over that, brown tights, and brown knee-high boots.  But come May, bring on the platform sandals or cute ballet flats!
Skirt Clint, $59 
An off-white skirt=blank canvas.  If you’re bold, do an all off-white look with a simple long-sleeve sweater and a low slung brown belt.  If you’re not so bold, how about going classic and tucking in a simple black button-down shirt and black heels.  And for the preppy girl in all of us, maybe a vibrant cashmere sweater set?  Possibilities = endless.
Skirt Rae Duracel6, $49
I could go on forever.  Instead, I’ll point you to the website and store. 
578 Broadway, Soho

One Response to “Mango spotted in Soho”

  1. The Planner February 11, 2008 at 10:38 pm #

    How I wish we had one here in Texas. We don’t even have a Zara.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have some similar pieces in my own wardrobe and you’ve given me some great ideas on how to put them together.

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