Fitting different bodies

11 Feb

A good friend of mine (equally obsessed with fashion) pointed me to three key pages in the current March issue of Glamour.  They telegraph different fits for different bodies and why they work. I present to you some not so original material below to show exactly what’s up with why things look they way they do and how not all looks are good for all women.

Pear Shape: carry your weight on the bottom, slender waist and upper half.  Don’t hate your thighs…work with them. No matter how slender you get, you’ll always have them. If you can’t lose’em, dress’em right.

Trouser jeans create a uniform line that goes straight to the floor concealing hips and balancing out the bottom half in proportion to the top. And, the hot pink shirt dress (aside from being super chic), floats away from the body and accentuates the curvy waist creating the to-die-for hourglass figure.


Bustin’ Out: If you’re ample up top, count your blessings.  But use it wisely because your name’s not Barbie. Single Breasted Jackets are key. A double breasted number just adds bulk and loses shape.  Tailoring: When you’re chest is big, you have to buy a larger size shirt in order to fit around your ample ribcage. This can leave the rest of the shirt being too large which may call for a tailoring job.


Plus Size: The key is to play up your best features and we all have some great ones.  Emphasizing your waist no matter your size is a can’t-lose way to showcase your shape.  Boot cut pants will balance out a top half and tunic-type tops will hid a tummy but still maintain shape and can allow you to play with colors and patterns.



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