Color Me Colorful

5 Feb

I love color.  My apartment is decorated in a circus of colors representing the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Turquoise, melon, dark berry, green, hot pink, yellow, and on and on. Likewise in my clothing, I reach for color.

Most women default to black. Why not? It’s supposed to be universally-fitting for all occasions from day to night. It has magical slimming qualities stolen from the depths of the rainforest. It hides, conceals, and protects us from showing ourselves to the world. And you know what else? It’s boring as hell.

Black and versions thereof are great to have in your wardrobe as staples.  Basic black is always clean and sleek. But it doesn’t hide quite as much as we think it does. And I would argue that it can take away from rather than add to the overall look of a woman. Our clothing and nuances of our choices speak loudly for our personalities.  Haven’t you ever seen porcelain-skinned redhead who wears blue or green is stunning and eye-catching in the most flattering of ways.  A blonde who sports pink and green (together even, gasp!) shines a happy flicker when she walks by your office.  And me, olive skinned with dark hair, can’t go wrong in a deep red or purple.

Showing off colors shows off all the good parts of you.  Think of all those extraordinarily rich patterns that are begging be paired with the perfect pair of black pants. 

And, I’m convinced that colors have a magical power.  Picture it: A woman wakes up, feels drab and unexcited for the day.  But if she puts on something bright and cheery that that color seeps through her skin and brings a new (if even temporary) sunny disposition. People look at her, compliment her, and by noon, she feels oh so much better.

Be colorful. Be cheery. Be sophisticated. Make a statement and look good!

Check out the slideshow to see some examples…

Nine West Dress


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