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Chic Girl of the Day–Teresa

19 Feb

This girl knows how to work it and she’s not afraid to experiment. This dress, however, is a classic number that’s a triple threat.

Sexy–fitted to her body.

Current–the neckline and boots make it super contemporary.

Classic–wool/tweed never ever go out of style.

Teresa is tall and slender by genetic dictation so this dress accentuates her long-ness and lean-ness. While we all aren’t blessed with height, this dress is appropriate for both slender and curvy alike. Make sure it hits you at the knee and it is fitted but not “suck-in-your-breath” tight. An even more daring way to do this would be to wear a brightly colored turtleneck underneath or even a crisp, white shirt. But for this look, Teresa did this one perfectly.


Thanks Teresa!


Chic Girl of the Day–Katie

14 Feb

Today, I saw Katie and proceeded to accost her while she was making her morning coffee. She happily agreed to be showcased for our benefit.

Why I love her outfit: It’s a simple cable knit sweater but it’s in bubble gum pink. And when you put this with a black and white skirt patterned skirt, it’s unexpected and makes you think your fond Hubba Bubba days. The skirt is voluminous enough to add some interest without adding bulk. Because her legs are long and lean, it works for her. I wouldn’t suggest this to women who may carry weight on their lower half; that would simply add unflattering volume. And, my favorite part is the pockets–functional and another unique part of the piece. Plus, it’s a mini which she can get away with because 1) her legs are border a mile in length (she’s a tall babe) and 2) she’s wearing opaque black tights which add just enough modesty to make it office appropriate. Thanks Katie!


Chic Girl of the Day–Sheila

13 Feb

Why not feature real-life women in real-life clothes that work in real-life ways? No reason not to. For that reason only, I bring you my version of the Chic Girl of the Day. Photos of my co-workers and (if I have the courage) strangers around NYC who are just fabulous.

Here’s our first CGotD: Sheila, fellow marketing slave.

Dress courtesy of Banana Republic. Why I love it: It’s a wrap dress (requires no thinking, always looks good) and (duh!) the color (red, pink, and shades in between) and the pattern (sort of like half-moons…sort of). It looks beautiful on her skin and is a bright jewel for the eye among the grays and blacks of your typical Monday morning in 12 degree weather. Here she has black boots and tights which is great for winter. But this dress can easily transition into fall, spring, and even summer with pumps or heeled sandals. Love it, love it, love it. Cheers, Sheila

Fitting different bodies

11 Feb

A good friend of mine (equally obsessed with fashion) pointed me to three key pages in the current March issue of Glamour.  They telegraph different fits for different bodies and why they work. I present to you some not so original material below to show exactly what’s up with why things look they way they do and how not all looks are good for all women.

Pear Shape: carry your weight on the bottom, slender waist and upper half.  Don’t hate your thighs…work with them. No matter how slender you get, you’ll always have them. If you can’t lose’em, dress’em right.

Trouser jeans create a uniform line that goes straight to the floor concealing hips and balancing out the bottom half in proportion to the top. And, the hot pink shirt dress (aside from being super chic), floats away from the body and accentuates the curvy waist creating the to-die-for hourglass figure.


Bustin’ Out: If you’re ample up top, count your blessings.  But use it wisely because your name’s not Barbie. Single Breasted Jackets are key. A double breasted number just adds bulk and loses shape.  Tailoring: When you’re chest is big, you have to buy a larger size shirt in order to fit around your ample ribcage. This can leave the rest of the shirt being too large which may call for a tailoring job.


Plus Size: The key is to play up your best features and we all have some great ones.  Emphasizing your waist no matter your size is a can’t-lose way to showcase your shape.  Boot cut pants will balance out a top half and tunic-type tops will hid a tummy but still maintain shape and can allow you to play with colors and patterns.


Mango spotted in Soho

11 Feb

There’s a new store brought to NYC – it’s called Mango. It’s a Spanish-born store with locations in South America as well. And the first one has been brought to NYC’s Soho. I was ecstatic when I discovered this. Three reasons for my excitment:

1) Of the moment trends

2) European influence

3) Affordability

4) (okay, so it’s four) – their clothes fit a woman’s body.

This store is huge and carries basics (cotton, stretch turtlenecks in 10 colors) to unique items for special occasion. I can come out of there with clothes that make me feel like a rock star or a well-fitted, long-sleeve t-shirt to layer underneath a dress or sweater.

Take a look…some of my favorites:

Love this brown blazer – it’s perfect for a fall/spring jacket. But busty girls beware! If you’re curvy up top, this will make you look even more bulky (and not in a good way).  Jacket 6SC Trans, $139 

Oh my – the colors!  The dress is perfect for spring and summer.  You can wear it to an outdoor daytime wedding, you can wear it to a family gathering, you can wear it to brunch on Sunday. You can wear it just about anyway you want to. And if you want to wear it to work, put a cami on underneath (to cover up the sexy deep v-neck) and throw on a neutral colored blazer.  Dress VCD Nicol, $139

How versatile, how universal in fit (just make sure it goes comfortably around your chest with no gaps when you do the “sit test”), how just plain perfect and simple. Jeans best friend, underneath a suit, with a flowy skirt, or paired with knee-length walking shorts, this shirt is a must (in more than one color!). Shirt Clean, $29
What an easy-to-wear top with such color!  I would recommend putting a camisole underneath this to ensure you’re not showing too much. It floats away from the body for an easy fit, but the loose/flowiness of it makes

it feel effortless and divine.  Blouson MLL Cris, $69
Knee length denim pencil skirt is about as classic as you can get.  I could make a list of 200 things that would work with this.  She’s paired with pumps, but we can do this any number of ways. Considering NYC’s current weather pattern (bitter cold), I’d pair it with a crisp white button-down, a sweater vest over that, brown tights, and brown knee-high boots.  But come May, bring on the platform sandals or cute ballet flats!
Skirt Clint, $59 
An off-white skirt=blank canvas.  If you’re bold, do an all off-white look with a simple long-sleeve sweater and a low slung brown belt.  If you’re not so bold, how about going classic and tucking in a simple black button-down shirt and black heels.  And for the preppy girl in all of us, maybe a vibrant cashmere sweater set?  Possibilities = endless.
Skirt Rae Duracel6, $49
I could go on forever.  Instead, I’ll point you to the website and store. 
578 Broadway, Soho

Mom always said, “You’ll never know who you’ll meet.”

7 Feb

This morning, while I was walking through Grand Central Station trying to keep my stride, get to the office while balancing 10-15 lbs of handbag/tote-weight while wearing three-inch heels, I was stopped by a woman.

She started with, “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude but…” At this point, in my head I braced myself for her to tell me that I shoved her aside while climbing up the subway steps and she felt the need to tell me how inconsiderate I was. Instead, this is what happened.

Lady: “”Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude but I just have to tell you that you. are. fabulous. (insert hand that gestures across the whole body).” 

Me: (dumbstruck) “Wow, thank you so much.”

Lady: “You’re welcome. What do you do?”

Me: “Funny you should ask. I’m in advertising but have started my own business as a style consultant.”

The conversation continued and we exchanged cards. Turns out, she’s in the beauty industry and wanted simply “network”.  I happily exchanged cards with her.  I don’t know what’s to come of it if anything, but I certainly was 1) flattered, 2) excited that perhaps she could turn into a very good resource for me and perhaps I could do the same for her.

Granted, encounters of this nature are few in NYC. Most people keep to themselves. But I can’t even begin to describe the numerous times I’ve had a woman ask me where I got my [fill in the blank].  Taking care of yourself, making sure you’re as top as you can be when it comes to our outward appearance counts for so much and could absolutly be responsible for the next cool experience or opportunity you could have.

For the record, I was wearing a knee-length charcoal pleated skirt, gray tights, black boots, and an olive-colored bomber jacket. Oh, not to forget the fabulous tomato red handbag I got for a sinful-good price in Bogota, Colombia.

Best site of the moment:  Amazing jewelry and they have a store in Brooklyn.

Here’s to a fortuitous commute,


Color Me Colorful

5 Feb

I love color.  My apartment is decorated in a circus of colors representing the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Turquoise, melon, dark berry, green, hot pink, yellow, and on and on. Likewise in my clothing, I reach for color.

Most women default to black. Why not? It’s supposed to be universally-fitting for all occasions from day to night. It has magical slimming qualities stolen from the depths of the rainforest. It hides, conceals, and protects us from showing ourselves to the world. And you know what else? It’s boring as hell.

Black and versions thereof are great to have in your wardrobe as staples.  Basic black is always clean and sleek. But it doesn’t hide quite as much as we think it does. And I would argue that it can take away from rather than add to the overall look of a woman. Our clothing and nuances of our choices speak loudly for our personalities.  Haven’t you ever seen porcelain-skinned redhead who wears blue or green is stunning and eye-catching in the most flattering of ways.  A blonde who sports pink and green (together even, gasp!) shines a happy flicker when she walks by your office.  And me, olive skinned with dark hair, can’t go wrong in a deep red or purple.

Showing off colors shows off all the good parts of you.  Think of all those extraordinarily rich patterns that are begging be paired with the perfect pair of black pants. 

And, I’m convinced that colors have a magical power.  Picture it: A woman wakes up, feels drab and unexcited for the day.  But if she puts on something bright and cheery that that color seeps through her skin and brings a new (if even temporary) sunny disposition. People look at her, compliment her, and by noon, she feels oh so much better.

Be colorful. Be cheery. Be sophisticated. Make a statement and look good!

Check out the slideshow to see some examples…

Nine West Dress