Don’t judge me…okay, maybe just a little

30 Jan

Let’s face it–people judge. For the most part, it’s not a malicious thing.  It’s really an age-old survival mechanism that’s adapted to a newer, more civilized way of life. Back in the day, it was about survival. Today, it’s about who you want to be around, talk to, invest your time in, trust and be trusted by.  But we’re all subject to it, myself included. And we all do it, myself included.

One of the first things we judge is the appearance of others. It’s so important to remember that a woman’s appearance speaks volumes about her. It can communicate vivaciousness, a subdued quality, creativity, or logic and organization. All of these things are good and true. There is a message I do so hate to see communicated: that a woman doesn’t care about herself. Faded black from head to toe, an ill-fitting outfit (to big, too small), , outdated, ripped or torn–these attributes in our clothing can tell the world, “Don’t look at me – I don’t care enough.”

I worked with a woman who clearly had smarts and a good heart, but she came in daily appearing disheveled and slovenly. This robbed her of commanding her colleague’s attention, an impactful presence and charisma. Instead, it compelled people to question her and look at her out of curiosity. And who knows, in the long run, this may even rob her of the chance to win a promotion, gain a client, make a new friend, or countless other opportunities. We’re busy people and only have so much time to get to know others.  We choose the people we connect with by our eyes, first.

What I want for myself and for my clients is that we paint the best, most favorable picture of ourselves others without saying a word. Win a colleague’s trust, gain a person’s respect, invite a conversation with a new person without speaking. Instead, let your appearance do some talking for you. Make that first, indelible impression long-lasting. Let your self-respect and personality shine through, everyday through your clothes. It’s in there – let’s show it off.

Favorite Site:  This is the place for stockings and hosiery. Don’t be scared by the rainbow of colors. Even a pair of simple black tights is a good buy on this site.  The tights are thick, durable, and opaque. And, for those daring you can experiment with every color in the rainbow.  For the more subtle in the group, black, brown and gray are good, solid basics.

–Zovig, Calla Style


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