What is Calla Style?

16 Jan

Put simply, Calla (as in Calla Lily, symbolic of magnificent beauty) Style is my image consulting business that was born from a combination of two things: my obsession of all things fashion and my calling to help other women find their own unique and personal style. 

My Target Client: Women who have lost a significant amount of weight. 

Definition of “significant” is dependant upon the woman’s size rather than pounds. Example: 20 lbs on a woman 5’10” may not be that significant, while on a woman of 5′ is drastic.  Ultimately though, it means that their bodies have been altered enough by the weight loss that they no longer understand their body shape, size, and what clothing works for them–and what style to call their own.

Having gone from a 16 to a 6, I know that it’s equally wonderful and confusing. Her mind takes time to catch up to the physical metamorphosis and along with the changes come facing issues of self-worth, self-esteem, and just general confusion.

I want to help these women see their beauty that isn’t new, but was waiting to come out all along.  Let’s find that unique style, those favorite fun clothes, that power work outfit, that sexy dress.

Life’s too short to have on a bad outfit. 



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